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SINUS Messtechnik GmbH is the world's leading manufacturer of portable, robust and versatile multi-channel sound and vibration analyzers.

Our corporate philosophy of modular concepts and open systems enables us to offer you an impressive range of acoustic measuring solutions on a high technical level, but at fair prices.

In particular, the Soundbook_MK2 range of measuring systems integrates our new 24-Bit Apollo™ technology with the practically indestructible Panasonic CF-19 Toughbook to provide a unique solution capable of performing extremely sophisticated real-time analyses under field conditions.

Software —— SAMURAI

SAMURAI is our universal software package for noise and vibration measurements as well as real-time analysis with our Soundbook, Apollo, HARMONIE, SWING, HURRICANE and NoiseLOG systems. 

Because of the high system performance the user benefits from a wide range of functions simultaneously available on all measurement channels. SAMURAI features excellent display capabilities not only during the measurements but also during the post-processing of the measurement results. The basic principle of the software is that virtual measurement instruments provide data for activated measurement channels. There are various types of virtual measurement instruments, differing in the types of data provided. These virtual measurement instruments can be freely allocated to the activated measurement channels. Simultaneously with the measurement and analysis, the data provided is stored in synchronous data streams.


Soundbook™, our universal portable measuring system for acoustic, vibration and engineering measurements in general, is now available in its 2nd generation on the basis of the innovative Apollo™ platform. 

The powerful 24-bit A/D converters in combination with the innovative Apollo filter processors provide many channels with high precision and bandwidth. Naturally, Soundbook_MK2 also uses the robust Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 as its basis. 

The Soundbook allows you to work practically everywhere - in the office as well as outdoors. Neither heat, cold, rain, dust nor heavy mechanical shocks have an impact on the device. Having a weight of only 3 kilograms, a robust magnesium alloy exterior, a convertible bright TFT display, a moderate power consumption and many interfaces, the Soundbook unites the performance of a high-quality measuring device with the possibilities of a PC. According to your demands you may choose from variants with 2, 4 or 8 measuring channels and with LEMO7 or BNC input connectors. 

Soundbook_MK2 Gallery

Sound level measurement
Frequency analysis
Signal recording
Human vibration measurement
Pass-by noise measurement
Building acoustics
Machine vibration measurement
Modal analysis
Order tracking analysis
Operational vibration analysis

The Soundbook is particularly suitable for:
Industrial safety and environmental protection
Engineering services
Quality assurance
Research and development

Measurement Data Acquisition with 2 to 128 Channels

MSX16 is a flexible and expandable multi-channel data acquisition and signal processing unit for applications in research, development and testing.

Up to 8 MSX16 units can be directly connected to a PC by means of an interface card. The combination of a PC and MSX16 is the cost-effective alternative to signal acquisition with a recorder. A wide variety of software is available.

MSX16 features comfortable control of data acquisition via the PC, various online displays during the measurement and direct storage of measurement data on the hard disk or other storage media.

Flexibility is one of the most important advantages of the MSX16 concept. With a notebook and the MSX16 battery option, measurements and analyses can be performed independent of mains power.

ICP, microphone, charge amplifier and tacho input modules are available. User-specific input modules can also be supplied upon request. Microphone and ICP inputs are already prepared for the Smart Sensor Interface defined in IEEE P1451.4. The type and serial number of all input modules are automatically recognized: MSX16 is a "plug and play" system.

Multi-channel data acquisition / machine monitoring
Programmable filters, signal conditioner
PC-based real-time analyzer (FFT, third-octave, octave)
Multi-channel sound power measurement
Dynamic balancing of rotors
Pass-by measurements

Hurricane™ Measuring System with up to 32 Channels (HARMONIE™-Compatible)
universal portable measuring system for acoustics and vibration
compatible with HARMONIE™ measuring system
16 or 32 channels
various software packages available
integrated PC for mobile usage
fanless design in robust aluminium case
Class I sound level meter according to IEC 60651, IEC 60804, IEC 61672
Sound intensity measurements
Sound power
Building acoustics
Frequency analysis
Modal and ODS analysis
Rotor balancing
Order tracking
Human vibration measurements
Testing and quality inspection
Vibration analysis
Demonstration and education