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Flowtronic Systems
GREGORY Technology GmbH develops, manufactures and supplies measuring systems for fuel consumption testing with internal combustion engines in automotive or stationary applications under the brand name "flowtronic".

Due to easy handling, a robust and durable construction and the unique resolution and measuring accuracy of the sensor element, the flowtronic systems are suitable for all types of consumption measurement with gasoline, diesel, alcohol and bio fuels.

The range of applications include motor bikes, passenger cars, trucks, busses, commercial vehicles, specialised vehicles like equipment for earth moving, mining, material handling and ports, cranes, diesel locomotives, tracked vehicles and boats. A further application is the latest generation of hybrid vehicles.

flowtronic systems are available in various configurations as turn key solutions.

Main Products

☞System S8005C 

☞System S8005C with HE8005

☞System FCS-D-150/-190/-380/-570/-700


Thermal Printer
set for connection to the signal electronic flowtronic SCU8005D with complete with cables and accessories

serial cable PC-1065
battery charger 230V AC PC-1063
vehicle charger cable PC-1061
10 rolls of printer paper PC-1059
serial RS232 interface
integrated high power battery pack, stabilized charger voltage: 10...15 V DC
thermal paper, 58mm paper width, MTBF approx. 50km run of paper with special thermal paper
dimensions: 76,8mm x 77,4mm x 39,3mm
weight: circa 350g inclusive paper roll
temperature range: -10°C to +60°C
printing capacity with one battery load: approx. 5 paper rolls

Software flowProArchive

The software flowProArchive can be used in combination with the signal electronic SCU8005D. The transmission of measurement data from the SCU8005D is to an external PC / laptop is possible. In addition, you can set the parameters of the connected signal electronics. As interfaces are USB supported.

Carrying Cases

▶ robust fuel resistant plastic material, aluminium profiles with plastic edge protection foam inserts made of fuel resistant, high- quality closed porous material 

▶ temperature resistance -40...+80°C

▶ one lockable latch 

▶ complete with two retractable handles and an integrated trolley for a more easy handling 

▶ additional inner aluminium case for signal electronic, cables and electric accessories for increased protection against soiling by small remains of fuel 

▶ to be used for storage and transport (for shipping only when packed into an additional cardboard box according to GREGORY Technology shipping instructions) 

Signal Electronics
For all flowtronic systems and the S8005 sensor one out of the two available signal electronics SCU8005D or S8005AD-2 is generally required. Both models differ in their technical features. The flowtronic systems / the flowtronic sensor cannot be operated without a signal electronic.

The sensor systems are equipped with the S8005AD-2 and the stand alone systems include the SCU8005D.

Overview Signal Electronics

Signal Electronic SCU8005
Stand-alone solution with integrated software for the flexible metering and control via touch-screen display, the flowtronic system independent solution. 

Signal Electronic S8005AD-2
Further development of the signal electronic S8005AD. Alternatively, a second signal electronic allows a direct connection of the flowtronic system to a customer-specific data acquisition.